Below is the list of services that I offer.  I’m happy to wear as many or as few of these hats as you need me to.  Whether you need someone to handle every aspect of your album or just assist with one step of the process, I’ll work hard to do your music justice!

“Music producer” is one of those terms that means different things to different people, but the way I look at it, a producer is someone who oversees both the creative and technical sides of the recording process.  In addition to making decisions about microphone placement, equipment selection, etc., a producer operates alongside the musician to establish a comfortable workflow and make sure that the songs sound their best when they’re on tape, which sometimes includes tweaking the arrangement or coaching the artist while they’re in front of a microphone.  I’m always willing to help guide you through the creative process as much or as little as the project calls for!

Maybe you already have a producer for your mobile recording project, but you still need an engineer to provide professional-caliber equipment and operate it during your session.  If so, I’m happy to work with the producer to accommodate his or her vision while making sure the technical side of things is running smoothly!

(Side note:  in a lot of cases, the line between an engineer and a producer can be blurry, so if you’re new to the recording process, don’t get hung up on the terminology – whatever word you use for it, what matters to me is providing the expertise and guidance to give you a professional recording that still honors your vision and your unique sound.)

Once all the parts are recorded, there’s still a lot of work that goes into crafting the various pieces (different guitar parts, vocal harmonies, percussion) into a finished-sounding track that’s greater than the sum of its parts.  Using a wide variety of industry-standard tools including both software and hardware, I’ll work with you directly to get the sound you’re looking for and present your work in the best possible light.

In addition to my work as a producer, I play a variety of instruments including keys/synths, electric bass, guitars, and hand percussion.  I’ve done session work on a number of albums as well as helping out with arrangements and songwriting.  If you need someone to contribute a bassline or a guitar solo to your track, I’m always excited for the chance to play!