Who I Am

My name is Sam Cook-Stuntz, and I've always loved the idea of producing music in unconventional settings.

The list of places I’ve recorded includes basements, closets, a barn, church sanctuaries – even the back seat of my car.  (I have pictures if you don’t believe me.)  I love the challenge of using an everyday, familiar space to create professional tracks, and I want to offer that experience to anyone who’s excited about recording but might not have the resources or the workflow to spend days in a dedicated music studio.

Homespun Audio is an affordable, fully outfitted mobile recording service geared toward solo artists, singer-songwriters, and small ensembles. My goal is to help you create something of professional caliber from the comfort of your living room - or, for that matter, anywhere you want to make music. Since my setup is flexible and can travel anywhere, the sky’s the limit!  (Heck, if you own a private jet, even the sky could be an option.)

As someone who’s spent time on both sides of the process, I know that for an independent musician who’s already juggling work, school, and a hundred other commitments, setting out to record an album (or even a single) can seem like a daunting project – both logistically and financially.  If you fall into that category, I’m always happy to work around your schedule and your budget so that you have the flexibility to do your best work.
Your music deserves to be heard.  Let’s make that happen.